Smith And Wesson Serial Numbers Lookup Vi vil gjerne vise deg en beskrivelse her, men området du ser på lar oss ikke gjøre det. Serial numbers ran from 1 in 1878 to 97574 in 1892. Smith and Wesson Serial Number Database: 5 Important Things. S&W K-38 Masterpiece need help with date of manufacture. The S&W L frames, your Mod 586, were the first S&W's produced with this type of serial number. S&W Victory model serial number lookup. Revolver Serial Number Search. Jennings & Smith Jennings Volcanic Arms New Haven Arms Henry Rifles Model 1866 Model 1873 Model 1876 Model 1885 Single Shot Model 1886 Model 1892 Model 1894 (Mod 94) Model 1895 Model 53 Model 55 Model 64 Model 65 Model 71 Model 88 Model 150 Model 9422. , MBA This is the most authoritative place to check the guns serial number. Search your Serial Numbers. Obtained a S&W N frame Model 58, 4" blue fixed sight. During the years 1965 - 1968 a serial number range of the Model 14-2 was acquired by the Dayton Gun Headquarters of Dayton, Ohio. Th Model 28-2 Highway Patrolman was made only in. The Smith & Wesson Model 15, initially the Smith & Wesson K-38 Combat Masterpiece, is a six-shot double-action revolver with adjustable open sights produced by Smith & Wesson on the medium-size "K" frame. Serial numbers ran from 1 in 1888 to 91417 in 1902. You can find the serial number on a Dan Wesson pistol on the frame between the take down lever and the trigger guard, on the right side of the gun with respect to the position of the gun when gripped. I thought the dash would be in the crane area where it says model 36 like on the larger revolvers but apparently, they ran out of room and it is supposed to be a dash model. In life, strive to take the high roadIt offers a better field of fire. Smith & Wesson Serial Number Lookup Images · Smith & Wesson 686 Serial Number Lookup · S&w Model 66 Serial Numbers . The exact shipping (as opposed to manufacture) date for most S&W revolvers is available. I believe that S&W began stamping the one line "Made in USA" on the right side after 1921. It is a 5 shot and the cylinder swings out. After 1983 the serials get crazy and will be in the format of three letters, and then four numbers. The model 29 began using a 3 letter prefix in 1983 during production of the 29-3. I have a model 19-3 with the serial number 9K884xx. It may just be Model 60, or Model 60-something (-1, -2, etc). [3] [4] The following year, Smith & Wesson began production of the. 38 Special, double-action revolver with fixed sights. Smith and Wesson serial number lookup IGNORED Smith and Wesson serial number lookup. Used by national level competitors for …. On the frame of the gun, there should be a small metal plate with the serial number stamped on …. World Guns page · Smith & Wesson Model 10 at the Internet Movie Firearms Database Smith and wesson model 29 serial number database. 6 Shot revolver and the serial number is 811520. On furnaces, the rating plate sticker can be found on the inside of the front door panel. Smith & Wesson has identified two M&P Shield EZ Pistols on which the hammers manufactured by our supplier were cracked. The stainless steel version of the Model 29 is the Model 629 which came out in 1980. 2022-03-02 Re- smith and wesson 38 gun ID and value With a #39J#39 serial number prefix, and being hammerless, it has to be either a Model 38 (Airweight) or Model 49 (Steel), Bodyguard. All law enforcement agencies have the right to submit trace requests, but private individuals do not. But finally got around to filling in some specs on my gun list and I can't seem to find the manufacture date on this one. Model 1894 (Mod 94) Model 1895. It shoots very well even with the Special +P ammo. It's time for another round of Smith & Wesson (SWBI). The serial number is on the butt; the number stamped in the yoke cutout is called an assembly number and has no particular significance. Help or advice on dating a Model 67 Revolver please. If it does not, and only says, "Made in U. Hair Trigger · #2 · Dec 10, 2022. 44 Magnum S-Prefix 8 3/8" Blued Clamshell Case Cokes Mfd. The only serial number I can find is on the bottom of the grip but of the revolver. 2nd gun s/n = 252xx , has a patient date ending Jul 07. outofthebox Discussion starter. Share More sharing options Followers 1. Pre Model 10 serial numbers. No idea what the other numbers are. Finding your Smith and Wesson serial number depends on the type of firearm you have. The Smith & Wesson Model 2 Army is a single action tip-up revolver, on which the barrel pivoted upwards, hinged on the forward end of the topstrap. Sworn Member of The Ballistic Order of St John Moses Browning. Serial numbers ran from S811120 in 1945 to S999999 in 1948. Smith And Wesson 686-3 Serial Numbers. I'm hoping to get as much information as I can about my Smith & Wesson. M&P®380 SHIELD™ EZ™ CONSUMER ADVISORY. Serial numbers ran from C1 in 1948 to C223998 in 1951. I'd like to replace them with something originalanyone have a good source?. Serial numbers ran from N1 in 1969 to N99999 in 1972. M&P® 22 MAGNUM WITH THUMB SAFETY. 38 Hand Ejector Model of 1899, the Smith & Wesson Military & Police or the Smith & Wesson Victory Model, is a K-frame revolver of worldwide popularity. 38-caliber serial number range is from 241704-1000000. Examine the surface of the S&W gun to find the serial number. Serial numbers ran from 22427 in 1906 to 33500 in 1909. 38 special hand ejector and have spent the better part of 5 hours trying to date it. Bill Jordan asked Smith & Wesson to make a. Also per the SCSW, the model 60 shared an all-numeric s/n series with the Chief Special until 1969, when the R s/n's started. If Brophy is Smith and Wesson lever action arms were made from 1853 to 1855. serial numbers starting with BPE were produced around November. The Standard Catalog of Smith and Wesson Serial Numbers is a complete reference book that gives the serial numbers, model names, and production dates of almost every Smith and Wesson gun ever made. The only sure way to get a shipping date on a S&W is to spring for a factory letter. 38 S&W Special caliber double action 6-shot swing …. Smith And Wesson Antique Revolvers Serial Numbers. Smith & Wesson M&P Revolver. Also known as the K-22 Combat Masterpiece (or pre Model 18), #K 25758, Smith & Wesson 22 Long Rifle Model K-22 Masterpiece Pre-Model 17, Made in 1948,. As far as barrels go, eBay or gunbroker. This pistol is considered quite rare on today's market, as only 1,251 manufactured between 1893 and 1905. It does have a hammer and it is d. It is a stainless steel version of the Model 10. 38 Military & Police model of 1905, 4th change, dating from the 1920s. This will help identify the firearm’s manufacturer, model, and caliber. The official serial number is on the bottom of the butt frame. With a few very rare exceptions, all Smith & Wesson firearms have the serial number stamped on the bottom or the front of the grip. The C only appears on the butt with that serial, but not next to it like rifle serial numbers. Now the real question is, the S&W model 18 that I have (no dashes or anything) has the serial number on the frame in two places as K3348XX. The 38 Special was for US use and 38 S&W was for England, Australia , et al. F'wood1976, The S&W Chief's Special, to become the model 36 in 1957, was introduced in 1950 according to my reference: Standard Catalog of Smith & Wesson, 2nd edition, by Jim Supica and Richard Nahas starting at SN 1. Items you will need Smith and Wesson pistol Smith & Wesson catalog Tips References Tips Writer Bio. serial numbers and parts numbers. #2 · Mar 30, 2022 Post pictures here including the serial number on the butt of the gun and someone will look up the shipping date. The number on the butt is K65038; and the number located on the bottom of the barrel where the extractor arm is, is K65038 also. Older N-frame designs have a six …. The Model 640 is a small-frame, concealed-hammer revolver that packs a full-sized punch. However they both have a different number on the yoke and the crane. In production since 1899, the Model 10 is a six-shot,. Checking my pinned barrel Model 60, serial #J2714XX puts it at 1975,and it has no dash. Serial numbers that begin with a “C” were. Smith & Wesson obtained exclusive rights to use this. This was S&W's bread and butter revolver used by many police. Smith & Wesson’s Lifetime Service Policy begins after the warranty period has expired. Model 36 smith and wesson serial numbers, s w model 36 serial number lookup, s&w mod. 6" barrels should be relatively easy to find since many folks want the 4" instead. S W Serial Numbers ChartSmith And Wesson Serial Number Lookup N FramePromotinoal Content for Smith & Wesson. Smith and Wesson serial number lookup is a great way to find out more about your weapon. If that is the case it would date to 1973-1974. The Smith & Wesson model 3 was a single-action, cartridge-firing, top-break revolver produced by Smith & Wesson from circa 1870 to 1915, and again recently as a reproduction by Smith & Wesson themselves, Armi San Marco, and Uberti. Smith And Wesson Serial Number Lookup N Frame (2023). 1st Type, serial number 1 - 212, barrel latch from the bottom front of the frame 2nd Type, serial number 213 - 1130, recoil plate was changed and made part of the frame 3rd Type, serial number 1131 - 3000, with changing barrel catch Model 1 3rd issue left side 4th Type, serial number 3000 - 4200, diameter of the recoil plate is reduced. Key Takeaway: The serial number on a Winchester firearm is an essential identifier that can be used to determine the year of manufacture, model, and other important information. You need to provide more of the serial number to get the date of manufacture. Smith And Wesson 38 Ctg Serial Number Lookup. Post pictures here including the serial number on the butt of the gun and someone will look up the shipping date. says the first production SN's were AADxxxx. The Serial Number should be N605XXX. There is a some interesting information listed about the early production models in the 'Standard Catalog of Smith & Wesson …. For $50 Smith & Wesson will provide a very nicely done letter worthy of display for your revolver with the date of manufacture. The model 36 is steel, the fact that you have airweight on it means it has an aluminium frame. A forum community dedicated to Smith & Wesson firearm owners and enthusiasts. The nice little gun cost me $105. turbinespaul Discussion starter · Jan 22, 2014. The Model 442 is a variation of the Model 42 Centennial Airweight® that integrates the time-tested features of the original with modern advancements. A bit of a mystery - OP states there's no "dash 1" on the frame yoke, but the lack of pinned barrel and serial number puts it post '82. If nothing turns up, check the butt of the gun and under the grips. 38 Smith & Wesson SPL 6 rounds Serial number of bottom of handle D825476 Stainless Steel, wooden grip Excellent condition. Either way, looks like pre 1895. Serial number data is based on information provided by members of the Dan Wesson Forum. Firearm tracing provides critical information to assist …. 38 Special cartridge (CTG) and was initially released for sale in 1899. smith wesson serial numbers. DocZeus · #2 · May 7, 2014 (Edited) Greetings, rbgfishboy, Welcome to the Forum from "The Bluegrass State"! Your. This identification proves that the handgun is an authentic Smith Wesson pistol. Nov 8, Ok, looking to sell a but not sure how much to ask for. The serial number C353425 indicates that your S&W was made from 1954-1956 before Smith and Wesson started marking there revolvers with the model number on the cranes of there revolvers …. I'm having difficulty understanding how your Model 10-5 with an earlier serial number could have been manufactured up to two years after mine was. Standard Catalog of Smith and Wesson is the bible and source book of S&W's. It's possible that a large block of serial numbers that appear to be from 1954-55 were not actually used until 1957-58. So yours is near the end of that sequence. Smith & Wesson Model 59 Pistol. Come join the discussion of all manner of rimfire pistols, rifles, optics, ammo, gunsmithing, customization, reviews, hunting, accessories, classifieds, and more!. These listings inform you of the pistol's date of …. The first three letters are "THC". The new value of a SMITH WESSON 38 pistol has risen $87. There is some dispute regarding the dates on some serial numbers and your gun may actually be a year off from what is listed. Nobody knows for sure unless they have the gun in their hand. Road to American Liberty - 1700 to 1780. A SMITH WESSON 32 pistol is currently worth an average price of $439. They were built between the end of WW2 and the start of the C series serials in 1948. 460-caliber revolver, Some serial numbers are located underneath the frame in front of the trigger guard. 500 inch barrel,serial number UDT905X,new unfired,two magazines,rail for scope. When was a Smith and Wesson model 19-5 serial? The Smith and Wesson model 19-5 was made from 1982-1985. The official location is on the butt of the gun which your Pach's cover. “Airweight” is marked on the barrel. M&P SHIELD® EZ® PISTOL IMPORTANT SAFETY RECALL NOTICE FOR PISTOLS MANUFACTURED BETWEEN MARCH 1ST, 2020 AND OCTOBER 31ST, 2020. 1st classification, the "True" Bekearts, the “Model 1911 22/32 Bekeart HFTs” are the 294 (lately revised from 292 by Roy Jinks) from that original production run on the known serial number list within the above serial range that. org Evaluate 3 ⭐ (18536 Ratings). sweidman Discussion starter · Mar 7, 2013. 32 Long Hand Ejector Revolver: W. Smith & Wesson PPK Serial Numbers?. If you get a chance, look at a Shilen, Lilja of even a Douglas match. Use the Colt Serial Number Database Lookup Tool. Am trying to find a year of manufacture for a pair of S&W handcuffs with serial number 64373. 357 Magnum ranges in price from $1,079 to $1,559, depending on the model of the revolver. Dale B said: Looking for an ball park manufacture date on a Model 10-5, serial # is 20-297XX. There is no internet source for S&W serial numbers, but you can find some good serial number/calendar year approximations in the back pages of The Standard Catalog of Smith & Wesson (Supica and Nahas). The model 27 barrels will work as well but have a bright finish and serrated top rib. php?t=356710 It has a lot of info that might be of interest to many of you. It was manufactured by the Harrington & Richardson Arms Company from 1948 to 1986. I CAN PROVIDE REFERENCES ON GUN SALES. Forester said: 1883-1909 4th 43406-282999. They are obviously not hand stamped …. Call (585) 657-6338 for more information or additional photos. And, why are the S&W serial numbers / DOM always such a "secret"? MOST manufactures …. If you take the grips off, a serial number, minus the "S" will be stamped on the back of the right panel. 1412 posts A forum community. Seems like a quick internet search is all that's required to match a serial number to a manufacture date. Smith & Wesson will repair, without charge, for the lifetime of the original owner, any Smith & Wesson handgun purchased on or after February 1, 1989, and any M&P15 series rifle, that is found to have a defect in material or workmanship. I just acquired a 19-4, my understanding is they were made mid 70s - early 80s. Approximately 115,000 manufactured between 1880 and 1884. Serial number range is quite wide as it is shared with the 38 Single action 3rd model. The S&WHF will now be providing the Smith & Wesson letter of authenticity. Smith & Wesson M442 13222 38 1 7/8 DON'T Tread ON ME Revolver. 38 Smith And Wesson Serial Number Lookup - lessclever. In addition, the Smith & Wesson logo gives away the maker of the firearm. United Natural Foods, Ollie's Bargain, Smith & Wesson Brands And Some Other Big Stocks Moving Lower On Wednesday. This range of numbers also includes those for other N-frame models. This would become the Model 10 in 1957 and continues in production to this day. With a S&W logo on the right or left side just in front of the grips. But, while we wait for the correct SN, I also have a Model 34-1 from 1969. b) bbl length (from cylinder to muzzle) c) grips shape (round or square) d) number of shots/cylinder bores. Smith & Wesson manufactured some of their. Mexican Aguila (Nightmare) 22 LR. All of the 640-1 guns were pre-lock. The ranges are SUPER tight here, as SW really started making a ton of guns then, and most models shared serial ranges. These small revolvers were designed to fire full power rounds and are as simple and easy to use as they are reliable. Production continued at the Walthers factory until 1945. I'm trying to help her find out what it is worth. I assume the hammer and trigger on yours are case-hardened and the ejector is blued. Production of the 52-1 production started in May 1963 and it was changed to pure single action only. Inherited a "Smith & Wesson 38 S&W Special & US Service CTG'S" revolver, and would like to know the Mfg. X Frame Serial number date of manufacture?. I purchased a used Smith & Wesson 357 revolver back in the 90s. The 19-5 series started in 1982 and ended in 1988 with the introduction of the 19-6. 38 S&W Round, and has a 3 3/16" barrel. Restraint Products Skip navigation. Gun Digest Books puts out the book, which is now in its 4th version and includes models made as late as 2016. Using that serial number and the fact that it is. There is a book by Supica/Nahas called "The Catalog of Smith and Wesson" that'll get you close. Help with some info would be appreciated before I buy this gun. It is in great shape and shoots like a dream. This Smith & Wesson Model 28-2 Highway Patrolman is a 6 shot double action revolver in. Learning About Your Smith & Wesson Revolver (Updated). A couple of letters tacked to the end of the model name might mean something minor like a new finish, but they can also indicate major changes like the “TSW” (Tactical Smith & Wesson) series of pistols which indicate the addition of features like. It might be a funny scene, movie quote, animation, meme or a mashup of multiple sources. Some wear and tear but shoots wel … read more. What is the manufacture date of smith and Wesson model 27 2 with serial. Anyone know where to find Smith & Wesson Serial Number Data …. The first run of 686's had a problem with the hammer nose bushing. It's a great place with very knowledgable participants. Joseph Farrell on October 27, 2020:. (S&W) is an American firearm manufacturer headquartered in Maryville, Tennessee, United States. You can either enter the number on Smith & Wesson's website under. SW99 - The serial number is located on the frame at the rear of the pistol. I suspect "Signature" on the grips may indicate aftermarket Pachmayr grips have been installed on the gun. It was identical to your GF's gun except for barrel length and finish. RobzGunz · #2 · Jan 7, 2016 (Edited) The serial number doesn't necessarily reflect the manufacture date. SW15-32021 Discussion starter · May 21, 2021. Alan While we are talking about Chiefs Specials, how likely is it that one with a serial number around 571900 would have been shipped in a box that does not have the Bangor Punta label? One end has the old …. Use Next and Previous buttons to navigate, or jump to a slide with the slide dots. stamped on right side of barrel, walnut grips and is in great shape. Later it was to be called the Model 18. But it looks like a serial number for a. The seller also stated, "the serial number dates it to 1957, but S&W started stamping the model 17 number on these in 1957, and there is no model 17 stamp on this one. This gun is in very good condition with 80% of the original nickel. Earlier The serial number is on the butt of the grip. In 1969 they changed to "R" prefix serial numbers beginning with R1. ">Smith and Wesson Serial number lookupneed help. 82 dollars over the past 12 months to a price of $457. Production began with serial number K 101 and only the first few guns bear the special serif font ‘K’ stamp which was used on about the first fifty made. The vast majority of the 9,000 guns went to the U. I believe theModel 36 J6091** is a 1976-77 gun. Also restamp with the S10740 on inside of frame and cyclinder arm. 04 Crack Kmsauto Windows 10 Activator Download Gforce M Tron Pro Mac Download Acronis Media Add Ons X52 Pro Drivers For Mac Silahkan Crack Steinberg Halion Symphonic Orchestra The Klub 17 Free Usb Av Grabber Driver. The single-action was produced in three varieties from 1876 through 1911, with total …. This service uses the two-letter codes stamped on the barrel of Remington rifles and shotguns to determine the age of the firearm. Mfg began in early 1990 and ceased in 1996. If you are looking for Smith And Wesson Serial Number, simply look out our information below. A family friendly forum community dedicated to rimfire firearm owners and enthusiasts. Yours then was produced in 1980-81 with some of that serial number as late as Oct of 1982. Today the target barrel is 7" long. The Chiefs Special was assigned number 36 at s/n 125000. 38 DA weighed 18 ounces and would go through five design changes, thirty-one years of production, and number more than one-half million. Lew Horton 629-3 3" Carry Comp 44mag. Marlin- The Collector’s GUide to Serial Numbers and Technical Information. Where can I find the serial number on my pistol? Locate the serial number on the left side of the pistol’s frame. Now , the picture of the ser# appears to have two numbers scrubbed out. Quote: 32 (short) cal Smith & Wesson Lemon Squeezer, manufactured Springfield, lMass. Without seeing it, photos would help. I did look there and the internet and can't find anything. 357 Magnum version of the heavy-barrel variant of the. When Smith & Wesson adopted model numbers in 1957, the Chiefs Special became the Model 36. The Regulation Police Model was also available as a five-shot. 38 special with serial number 2D10298. Manufacture Year by Serial Number "K" Frame Revolvers - 1899 to 1983: (Years/Serial Number Range) Pre-War Years: Smith & Wesson M&P Revolver - Model 10. You have a model 34 22/32 kitgun with 4" barrel. Before S&W issued model numbers in 1957, the Model 14 was called the K-38 Masterpiece, the Model 16 was the K-32 Masterpiece and the Model 17 was the K-22 Masterpiece. The last Model 59 produced was serial number A747407 shipped on July 1, 1982. There were only 972 steel frame model 39s ever sold in the mid 1960s. It is all original and works beautifully, but I can't pinpoint the date. That is the one consistent place S&W put the serial #. The SN will start with 3 letters, most likely a CXX. 41 Magnum cartridge, and designed and manufactured by the Smith & Wesson firearms company. Model 36 serial number and production date. 1-800-331-0852 (USA) Mon-Fri 8:00AM-8:00PM Eastern Time. As gearchecker says, the 25 is probably a rack number. Smith & Wesson J-Frame revolvers have had your back since 1950. The Serial Number on the frame (76407A) is in the. Find prices for SMITH AND WESSON 357 to help when appraising. Per the SCSW, the first year of production for the model 60 was 1965, the R serial number series for the model 60 started in 1969, and s/n R1152xx shipped in 1974-75. Visit the manufacturer's website and see if there is a way to do an S/N number check on the website and see what information is available. I would guess by the serial that the gun does not have a trigger guard screw (front of the trigger guard). The first is a Smith and Wesson Third Model Double Action. It is stainless looking with pearl handle. The Smith & Wesson Model 686 is a six- or seven-shot double-actionrevolver manufactured by Smith & Wesson and chambered for the. SERIAL NUMBER HELP= First Model Hand Ejector - Triple Lock. stocks traded mostly lower, with the Nasdaq Composite dropping over 60 points on Wedn. My Smith book doesnt show an ADL prefix. This gun seems to have quite a few numbers on it, and frankly it has me a little bit puzzled. SMITH & WESSON All Models :: Gun Values by Gun Digest">SMITH & WESSON All Models :: Gun Values by Gun Digest. above the banner on the left side of the slide, “Modell” (yes, two L’s) PP Cal. net being my favorite -- for dates on all sorts of firearms, but I cannot seem to find any site/source for this Smith & …. 2012-4-30  smith and wesson serial number search,. I can't really see what was stamped on the right side of the barrel at the factory, but I do see the word "Special" …. Yes, ALL prefix SM serial numbers are late model production built "in house" by S&W. S&W hoped to capture the military market because the U. The information I have now is, gun comes with factory box and documentation. The Model 640, is a variation of the Model 40 Centennial that integrates the time-tested features of the original with modern advancements. i have a smith and · 12-07-2010 | 4:52 PM; runawayshawn · i have a smith and wesson model 10 the serial number is 701x. For the exact date on your gun request the letter from the S&W Historian. The problem was that the firing pin/hammer nose would sometimes stick in the primer after firing, thus locking up the cylinder from turning. The serial number is engraved onto the bike during the manufacturing process. Hi guys, I just picked up a 642-2 that looks to be a brand new performance center model (upgraded nice wood grip). The grips were black plastic with silver H&R medallions. Smith & Wesson 940 3 inches - Serial PKN0135. Please help identifying S&W Model 28. Since the company terminated the historian and the history department, the only place you can get reliable information is from the S&W Historical Foundation,, of. A nickel plated Model 19-5 with 4" barrel would be a fairly popular item today. Your serial number points to a mid 1987 shipping date. barrel, blue or nickel, black rubber grips, round butt, …. #Smith and wesson model 10 serial numbers lookup serial number# #Smith and wesson model 10 serial nu Ameba Ownd - 無料ホームページとブログをつくろう pyohealmira1974's Ownd. K, no Dash in the serial number. the Smith and Wesson serial number lookup, and serial number location and help you understand the Smith-Wesson prefixes. G2944 on "wings" of cylinder pivot (hinge), in front of cylinder. The Model 19 is 1976 production. Model numbers began in 1957-58. The rare blue S&W box itself can cost as much as a new revolver. Smith & Wesson used overlapping serial number ranges until the 1950's and 1960's, when serial numbers started to include letters. 10,000 pistols were shipped to the Royal Air Force from this serial number range and were. fixed iron sights, optional adjustable. Total production of the Model 59 was approximately 231,841 pistols. The serial number is often on the Gun’s trigger guard or the yoke area. Correct serial number is on the butt and at the rear of the cylinder. If the serial numbers don't match, someone. In those firearms, the hammer failed to fully engage the sear, …. 32 cal and consulting the Standard Catolog of Smith & Wesson it may be a. If you KNOW the YEAR your gun was produced (by date on box, date on fired cartridge from factory, or factory letter), please help us by providing the following: Triple Alpha prefix. SMITH WESSON 32 New and Used Price, Value, & Trends 2023 …. According to the book, the serial number range ran from 102501 to ~263000, with S&W making 160,499 of these between 1910 & 1917. Pistols - The serial number is located on the side of the frame. This is a Pre-model 17 K-22 Masterpiece. The other is a very small 7 shot. I own a S&W 39-2 that my dad Purchased in the mid to late 80's while in the Coast Guard during the Carribean Drug Wars. Most of the pre-WWII guns have a 6 digit serial number. NJW&W Members; 446 Share; Posted January 20. Please take a moment to fill out this brief product registration. The resulting Smith & Wesson Registered Magnum Revolver debuted in 1935, and 1,500fps was. 1950-1969 shows 5-6 digit numbers with no letters and 1969-1983 all SN's start with J. I just purchased a model 14-2. I know by model number it was made between 1977 and 1982. 38 spl Smith and Wessons in that serial number range were produced in 1903 and 1904 as the Smith and Wesson. The Standard Catalog of S&W only list the serial numbers as 1 thru 30160 from 1952 till 1971. That's what prompts me to ask: would a 66-2 with a serial number of AUY 81XX have been manufactured …. The manufacture suggested retail price in 1996 was. However, I can say that your serial and the caliber of the gun indicate it is a. For example, a K-frame Military & Police revolver could have the same serial number as an I-frame. Smith & Wesson Model 37 Airweight. Smith & Wesson Pre Model 17 K-22 Masterpiece SERIAL NUMBER K136. For models 36, 37, 38, 49, 50, and pre-model number varieties, here is when your gun was manufactured according to the serial code range. Good morning group, I've always been confused by serial numbers that begin with three letters because the production dates apparently start, stop, and skip around. If those SN's are correctnot missing digitsif there are more digits, indicate them with x's because the total number of digits matters. According to the Standard Catalog of S&W, the . Enjoy your new SM serial numbered M&P15. If your pistol is subject to this advisory, please call Smith & Wesson at 1-800-331-0852 or email us at MP380EZAdvisory@Smith-Wesson. NTC’s mission is to conduct firearms tracing to provide investigative leads for federal, state, local and foreign law enforcement agencies. Off the top of my head, your gun was made sometime after 1982, but I'll check my catalog for …. Hello to all out there ( or here on the forum I guess). Serial numbers run from 43,406 to 327,641 when it was discontinued in 1919 after the longest run of any Smith & Wesson model. The Smith & Wesson Model 30, known as the 32 Hand Ejector revolver, chambered in. :bluelogo: Can any one help me figure out he age of my Smith & Wesson Model 659 Serial Number TAN8926 104003 6199. S&W revolver Date of Manufacture by SN">Common S&W revolver Date of Manufacture by SN. The highest recorded number is 30D9291. S&W would make a large run of frames but not use them all up for anywhere from a few weeks to several years. These model 27-2 were made until 1981,when the model 27-3 began production. A raised blade front sight and an adjustable notch rear sight. That would be a post war 38 Military and Police (K frame pre model 10) made between 1945 and 1948. Smith & Wesson moved to the three-letter prefix on serial numbers starting in 1980 with the (then brand new) L-frame revolvers, of which yours obviously is. The Automatic Serial number range started in 1954 with SN 1001. Serial number range was from 1 in 1881 to 53590 in 1913. the company uses the shipping date as the "birthday". Due to corrosion the May is hard to read and could …. You have to look them up in the Standard Catalog of Smith and Wesson by Supica and Nahas or call S&W. A look back at the Smith & Wesson Hand Ejector, better known as the M&P or the Model 10. Smith & Wesson Model 30 in. If that does not work you can ask the owner or go to your local bike shop. Crane and crane recess are also serial numbered to each other, but this is a different number then the revolvers serial number as is correct for Victory model. The serial number range for this model is 4001-119000, c. Can anyone help out with a manufacture date of a S&W Model 617-6 revolver serial # DJK0328? I purchased it as a new gun in Feb, 2018. Barrel - bottom of barrel or in extractor shroud 3. No records are available from the various Dan Wesson companies, and we rely on records/recollections of original purchasers, paperwork retained with the pistol, dated barrel wrappers, etc. The first 2 digits in the model number indicate caliber. rynegold Discussion starter · Dec 22, 2021. Jump to Latest Follow December-4095ts January-Chinese sks February-Mossberg camo 702 plinkster March-1994 Stallard js-9 March-Smith and wesson 22a April-1942 mosin nagant rifle May-Ruger p95 two tone May- Marlin 60 May-bought my dad a henry. And we look up the serial number ranges in the Standard Catalog of Smith & Wesson, fourth edition. The serial numbers reached 786544 in 1969. Sometimes a frame with a later serial number would be assembled and shipped before an earlier serial numbered frame. s&w 32-20 ctg serial number lookup. on a S&W revolver, the true serial number, stamped on older or engraved on newer, is located on the butt of the revolver, the model number and may include a "dash" followed by the version (and sometimes a duplicate and/or partial serial number) is located on the inside yoke of the frame, the same area where inspection and recall. Your serial number was used by Smith and Wesson for the models 10,12,13,45,64,65,547. Either way, it looks like your gun would be in the 1938 to 1940 range. These markings will usually include the date of manufacture, as well as other information about the gun. The information will help the service representative to expedite your request. Just purchased a S&W manufactured PPK. I have 2, Ser # 5379XX shipped Nov 1949, Ser # 5622XX shipped 1957. 2006-11-12  smith and wesson 586 serial …. The land to groove ratio is not the best. iver johnson shotgun serial number lookup, smith and wesson serial number lookup. There are also huge differences in regional values depending on the demand for a given type of handgun. the serial number and model numbers are but i am. Smith and Wesson serial number search. The other numbers can be, and usually are, simply assembly numbers that have no meaning after leaving the factory. Production of the 2 1/2" barrel Model 19 began in 1967. "What we do in lifeechos in eternity. It wasn’t until the 1980’s that serial numbers …. This Old Gun: Smith & Wesson Model 49 Bodyguard. Hi all, just joined and have a couple questions. The ones modified by Smith (upgraded) were stamped with the M. The Colt Python was first introduced in 1955 as Colt's top-of-the-line model. Smith And Wesson Model 37 Serial Number Lookup. Between April 24, 1942 and August 27, 1945 S&W made 811,119 Victory models. But not smith wesson revolvers, 12: this serial number event top of manufacture? Serial number. The Serial Number is A4441** I was wondering if anyone could help me pinpoint the date of manufacture for this. Barrel lengths were 4, 5, 6, and 6. Locate either “Smith & Wesson, Springfield, Massachusetts” or “Smith & Wesson; Houlton, ME” stamped on the barrel. Others may have better information. On August 12, 2022 / At 9:11 pm / In Pistol 765 Views If you own a Smith and Wesson Model 10 revolver, then you may be wondering how to find the date of manufacture. K 22 with two different numbers?. Highest serial number with an alloy cylinder reported to the authors to date is 44577. We continue to bring innovative firearms to market that meet the needs of every shooter and deliver on …. Now you can own a piece of history in the making with the Smith & Wesson Classic revolver line. M1903A3 production phasing out the M1903 “Modified” began in December 1942 with the first 1909 rifles included in the factory invoice to the Ordnance Dept. Please confirm the serial number on the bottom of the butt and we can go from there. I have seen no definitive descrpiption of either one other than -7 was two piece barrel and -8 was slab side barrel. 3811 Views 4 Replies 3 Participants Last post by Wiregrassguy , Jan 22, 2014. Original Serial # locations: Here are the 6 (or 7 on Triple Locks) pre war fixed sight frame serial # locations and locations remaining after WW II thru ~1956 to look for: 1. Gene18 Discussion starter · Oct 11, 2011. Hello All, I was recently given my grandads old Smith and Wesson K-38 masterpiece. Smith And Wesson Model 36 Serial Numbers. To determine if this consumer advisory applies to your pistol, please utilize our serial number verification tool. The first few numbers of the serial number normally represent the year the bike is made. You have asked also about the date. Navy SEALs during the Vietnam War and then went on to become one of the American nine-millimeter high capacity pistols, the Model 59. Can anyone help decode the serial number? 6K232XX. It looks like all but the 25-2 are sporting their original stocks. I've tried looking it up but no luck, Does someone any information on this revolver?. The original production / sales of the automatic series took off slowly. 38 Smith And Wesson Serial Number Lookup. The BA prefix on the Iver Johnson arms represents the Enforcer model with a blue steel finish. Each model, known for its legendary performance, has been enhanced with modern advantages. S&W's fix was to replace the firing pin and bushing. The serial number can be found on the “rating plate” sticker of your product. As the Gun Control Act of 1968 was just coming into effect S&W began a new serial number series with a "J" prefix. Smith and wesson serial number lookup 1905. For most post-1980 revolvers the serial number will be in an …. Serial numbers 536685-712953 postwar 1946-1960. I have read up on it a little and learned that it was built somewhere between 1989 and 1999. Somewhere around SN 109xxx, started the A-prefix. The serial number is 48J3XX Thanks in advance. Look on the barrel flat where the ejector rod docks or on the face of the cylinder for the SN. 214 bore diameter which is too tight. I'm trying to find out the age and approximate value of my Smith and Wesson 32 long ctg. smith and wesson gun serial number lookup 32 H amp R MAG Barrel Length 1 7 of Smith amp Wesson s best selling revolvers include the Model 19 …. Here's what the SCSW says about them: The. For old S&W 22's listing it as a model K-22 is adequate for the model number. Okay guys, I screwed up on the serial number of my S&W 18. Once you have found the serial number, write it down or take a picture of it for reference. Smith And Wesson Model 28 Serial Numbers. Serial numbers beginning with an S were produced from 1945 until 1948. Smith & Wesson Victory Model Serial Numbers List. A person who purchased a gun from a licensed firearms dealer can ask them for help in locating the serial number. 22 short revolver (I was told it was the original Lady Smith) with serial number 564X. White was to receive royalties of 25 cents per gun produced until the expiration of his patent in 1872. Your serial number range is 1973- 1974. special CTG 'serial' number information. 44 Magnum cartridge and manufactured by the United States company Smith … Match the search results: The …. Since S&W began stamping model numbers in 1957 your 34 would likely be ~1958. Smith & Wesson 940 3 inches - Serial BKR6263. 357 Magnum revolvers started at 45756 and ended with 62489 in 1941 when the U. Does that mean this pistol is from the 1991 era? The 7-inch barrel is not D&T, so I assume it must have been made prior to 1994?. We do know the K-22's started at serial number K101 and are still being produced today. I shouldn't be surprised that my memory is a little faulty. For models 36, 37, 38, 49, 50 and pre model number versions. DW in the oval, I believe would mean it is pre-CZ and there is no CZ after the serial number. According to the SCSW March of 1984 began the three-letter prefixes for all products. Here is a copy of the recall: SMITH & WESSON. The dash number would have changed on production frames in 1962 with changes 4 and 5. Bande dessinee Gil Jourdan 16 Albums PDF. Model 64's were first introduced in 1970. How to find out the year my gun was made with serial number. This 1957 gun is a 4-screw gun, as in 1955 Smith & Wesson dropped the 5th screw that would have been on the upper rear frame, kind of between …. Model 25-3 125th Anniversary with Case Model 25-4 through 25-9 Model 25-7 - 5" Matte Black Unfluted Model 25-13 Mountain Gun. Classics: Smith & Wesson’s Victory Revolver in. Dan Wesson makes a variety of different revolver models. The serial number will be on the bottom of the butt. The serial number range for the pre-war. The serial number on S&W wheel guns is found on the bottom butt strap of your gun. This so-called last SN is an approximated end-number only. When contacting customer service, please have the owner name, address, model and serial number available. Th is was a short production run of matte finished 5900 series sold as the Model 915. On Walther pistols, the serial number will generally be located on the left-hand side of the slider. The pistol comes standard with either a 10- or 15-round magazine. Consider Becoming A Supporting Member. This 85 percent gun would easily fetch $850 to $1,100 as both a shooter and a military collectable. 37, 38, 49, 50 and pre model number versions. Smith and Wesson stamp on the side and all over it. by Jim Supica and Richard Nahas. I'm trying to find information on Mod 36 Smith & Wesson. If so, you have a nickel revolver from the factory. With that serial number and it being a single action break-top there are two possibilities. Once you locate the serial number, then you are able to do some research and find out a little history on your gun. Model Number – On revolvers made post 1957, the model number is located on the inner frame, under the forcing cone of the barrel when the cylinder is open. Okay, sounds like you have a "J" frame Centennial (model 40). Unlock the Benefits of Knowing Your Winchester Serial Number. The 1st 3000 guns were numbered 1 to 3000 on the butt of the left stock in the order that they were produced. A thumb-operated safety and slide are on the left side, again set up for right-handed shooters. It locks up tight and appears to work well in both DA and SA modes. Photos and Serial Number Tables. When contacting Smith and Wesson customer service, be sure to have the following information handy: -Your name -Your mailing address -Your telephone number -The model of your revolver -The serial number of your revolver (if known) Smith and Wesson customer service can be reached by phone at 800-331-0852, Monday-Friday,. I just aquired a S&W model 37 airweight and I would like to find the date of manufacture. Congrats on a great acquisition. I just bought a amazingly beautiful SW Model 686. Congratulations on buying a good older gun. The Model 41 steps up at 10 1/2" long and 41 oz. Carrying serial number 73556, the revolver is dated from 1955. Smith Wesson Revolver Serial Number Search; Smith And Wesson 686 Reviews; If you own a Smith and Wesson handgun, you might be interested in finding out some more information on your particular gun. We are confident that you will receive years of reliable use. The gun appears to be fairly old but in great condition. Look up the pistol's full serial number -- including all letters and numbers -- in the back section of the "Standard Catalog of Smith & Wesson" book. If it is an undashed 686 check under the yoke for the letter "M". 32 Hand Ejector No Change was made from 1903 to 1904, and the serial number range extends from 1 to 19,425. Hi all, doing a little research on a pistol which my wife's uncle is handing down to our son. biscaynebaylodge Discussion starter. I only have a picture or the serial #. I targeted this iconic gunmaker in December and showed why my covered-call strategy appeared to hold some fir. I also picked up a brand new M&P 15OR a week and a half ago, serial number SM 0022x. Medina on October 31, 2020: ttn intnl model 1878 s/n 4751. Wiregrassguy Premium Member · #2 · Sep 24, 2022. 3813 Views 4 Replies 3 Participants Last post by Wiregrassguy , Jan 22, 2014. Smith & Wesson was founded by Horace Smith and Daniel B. Where is the serial number on a Smith and Wesson revolver? Serial Number – Give us the serial number. 44 Special Smith & Wesson Triple Lock revolver and was made with a 5-inch (13 cm) barrel and fixed sights. Smith And Wesson Model 36 Serial Number 3613. Around that time, S&W switched to a three alpha, up to 4 numeric numbering system like BBBxxxx Here's the lookup table. Smith And Wesson Serial Number Lookup: How To Find Your Gun’S. Will someone please look this up and tell me the approximate manufacture date or tell me where on the web I can find it myself?. Sorry have to look up how to add a photo. 357 serial number question. By 1957, Smith & Wesson returned to the old system of assigning model numbers to its guns. Stainless steel frame, barrel and cylinder. Smith & Wesson Firearm History Request. 2012-4-30 smith and wesson serial number search,. 38 caliber revolver produced in both single and double action by Smith & Wesson. S&W 41 ( four digit serial number). The serial number can be found in many different locations. Standard barrel lengths were 4", 6" and 8 3/8". Weren't all S&W K frames, or at least …. It may be on the frame of the gun, above the trigger guard or on the grip. FlaRon Premium Member · #3 · Apr 12, 2012. Entering the words "gun serial number" in the search bar before the actual number yields the best results. We like pictures and can tell you additional things about your new S&W's if you post them. Serial number from the bottom of the handle is 929XXX. Depending on what year it was made, the serial number could appear in various places, such as below the barrel on a revolver or on the bottom of the grip. 38 special in excellent condition with no rust or pitting. If it's a 38 then it's a 38 Safety Hammerless 2nd model. Serial numbers ran from 1 in 1877 to 108255 in 1891. Here are the pictures, in one of these you can see the serial number, in the cylinder. Empowering freedom and security for Americans. The Model 17 has an adjustable rear sight and a pinned Patridge style front sight. Help Identifying old safety hammerless. Model 38 Smith And Wesson Revolver Serial Numbers. The 12 month average price is $439. 25" bbl) pistol was manufactured that I am looking at purchasing. The serial number, according to the Standard Catalog of Smith & Wesson is between 1945 & 1948. 22lr AR-15 Pistol Optics Ready, Black - 13321. The first Model 66—as it would be known—came off the line on May 5 of that year, serial number K949100. I just picked up a Model 60 (no dash number) with the serial number AWC7892. Walther PP and PPK Serial Numbers Walther began production of the Model PP (Polizeipistole or police pistol) in 1929. I am guessing but I think you are correct on the manufacture date. Smith Gun Company (1946-50) started with FWS1 and ended with FWS 56800.