Spiderman Dc Harem Fanfiction Spiderman Dc Harem FanfictionPeter was now in his red and blue Spider-Man outfit and standing in the middle of the training area where the Amazons practice their swordsmanship and training exercises. This will contain a very huge harem. A Lion of a Man Chapter 1: Paradise, a lion king fanfic. Male Spider-Man Reader X RWBY and Marvel Har 1 part. Along Came a Spider-Mage By: stargatesg1fan1. Peter is settling back into normal life (or normal for Spider …. Not necessarily my favorite, but isn't noticeable from what I remember. 16 year old Peter Parker had been Spider-Man for a year at this point and was web slinging around Central Park with it being dark and knowing that he should think about sneaking back home before his Aunt May would notice him gone and she was already having talks with him about some late classes and assignments at school. Help us (Izuku & Eri's Story) by Shoto Todoroki. The only ones who can help are the Justice League and the ruler of Apokolips has a plan to secure an alliance with them. Reincarnating Into Peter Parker By: Loki-of-earth-12. Sakura who was knocked out at the time comes to and notices that she is in a cave. Thanos builds a harem out of all the hot Marvel girls. Browse; Wattpad Originals; Editor's Picks; The Fanfiction. If I could cure his wife's sickness, I'd probably have a friend ready to help me with all the science-y stuff. This is about the people of the MCU reading Peter Parker x Harem. Warning this fic contains cheating. 2K 125 12 King Peter get a new Queen and much more. All he knows is that he's lived in New York all his life, fighting and stealing to survive. Yandere Harems/ Yanderes/ Harems that have a Yandere. Until he found some "hotdogs" he then took a bite and found it delicious. DC and Marvel crossovers are constantly ruined by harems. Peter is settling back into normal life (or normal for Spider-Man anyway) when a new ability reveals itself to him; Spider Pheromones. Seeking to bring order back to the world he once conquered, the god Thelox and his army of subjugated Amazons begin their conquest of Earth, starting with dominating the planet's most powerful super heroines. (Marvel and DC harem x ex-villian male reader) 79. That all changed when he was bitten a spider and met Peter Parker. Hi, I'm (Y/N) (L/N), and I'm a huge fan of Marvel Comics and Capcom Games! And who would have thought that the latest Marvel Vs. Hey everyone, I've been working on a little side-project here. Can our hero do what hero can and how many women will be caught in his web. Twisted Wonderland X Reader. Rated: Fiction M - English - Supernatural - Diana of Themyscira/Wonder Woman, OC - Chapters: 14 - Words: 61,014 - Reviews: 89 - Favs. Felicia Hardy/Peter Parker. As a fellow man of science, I'm sure we can talk this out", Spider-man cried out as two clawed metal arms shot forward nearly lanced the web-head. So this is all about that fanfiction +1 more # 7. Firing a web at the ceiling Spider-Man swings in to deliver a kick but Black Panther delivers a jump kick knocking Spider-Man to the. fanfiction; jikshour; spiderman +9 more # 6. But I will try for the sake of something new and for the sake of the challenge. He was raised by 10 clans lords who trained him to become their weapon. Naruto Shippuden: Harem God :: FicWad: fresh. Read Free Fanfiction Stories Online. If Harley didn't want him, Peter needed to convince him. Spawn Hades: The harem is: Zatanna, Mary Marvel, Lexi, Power Girl, Black Canary, Lois Lane, Vixen, Lillith and Casandra Sandsmark Wonder Girl Scott the Wanderer: Yes Scott, I agree, it DOES take a long LONG time to master a SINGLE style of martial arts. Solo un chico, su marido simbionte alienígena y sus seis hijos híbridos. POV Makima (Chainsaw Man) Devil Lore. I'll also be adding in elements from the DC Bombshells universe and that of Earth-11 where the genders of both male and female heroes/villains was switched. One teammate in particular however catches her eye, Peter Parker, and Wanda wants nothing more than for the Amazing Spider-Man to dominate and use her however he wants. He was standing on the ledge of a building over fifty stories high looking down. Batman stood there, having defeated not only Clayface but the Joker to as well as curing himself of the Titan Virus inside himself. /Supergirl, Wonder Woman] Takeru T. The reason I'm taking the time to say this now is because the key members of Peter's DC harem are vixen, Wonder woman, Harley, and lady Shiva Wonder woman being on top of all the others what with her being a Dom and all. While Spidey made his web-swinging debut in the pages of 1962's Amazing Fantasy #15, DC's wall-crawling superhero first appeared more …. YN has spent her entire life in service of Han Sookmyung, Queen of Hanseong. After the dissapearence of spiderman New york has become a war zone and the people and avengers are asking where is spiderman. Spiderman he was the one who did it; and now, with Venom dead and Carnage's remains in space. Aizawa Shouta | Eraserhead Needs a Raise. /Supergirl, Wonder Woman - Chapters: 66 - Words: 344,140 - Reviews: 1,332 - Favs: 1,897 - Follows: 1,765 - Updated: 7/26/2022 - Published: 6/29/2019. beings fall in love with spider man, who will capture his heart and will anyone survive. Spidey's Harem Chapter 1: One man's Curse Part 1. Unfazed, Naruto half turned and half stepped back, shoulders and all, to avoid the telegraphed punch and dropped an elbow down on Darkseid's forearm. " Spider-Man said as Black Panther broke out of the webs. The third is not grounded at all. Mortal Kombat Harem x Male OC (Part 3: MK11) 21 parts. Male OC/mc in the marvel or dc universe fanfic reqests Hey im just looking for some good male oc/mc superhero fanfics based primarily in the marvel/dc universe. Spider-Man said pushing back when Catwoman wraps her whip around Black Cat's legs before yanking her in and kicking her in the face knocking her to the edge of the roof. So basically Spider-man use to serve as a semi-immortal warrior for Arachne who in this story is the goddess of Spiders. An initial, an upgrade, and a final custom. Rated: Fiction M - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 57 - Words: 211,588 - Reviews: For this story I will taking Spiderman and DC Super Hero Girls and bringing the two of them together. Harry Potter crossover fanfiction archive. 77 [#r18] [#SLOW BURN] [#INC] My life changed for better or for worse after Harley injected me with an experimental drug that transformed my body into a hunk. Spider-Man And His Amazing Harem By: mirageworks. Reaching to his mask he pulls it off to reveal a teen with medium length black hair and blue eyes. Ask a casual comic book fan who was the first spider-based superhero and they'll likely name Marvel's Spider-Man. Would cause too many questions if Starfire was working with Spider-Man and dating Peter Parker at the same time. Sinful life in DC universe by Katagiri. The Cat, The Bat, And The Amazon Chapter 1: Saved, a. Spider of Super Hero High Chapter 41: Cat Fight, a DC. However when he gets accepted into Beacon his life will get more complex in unexpected ways. What happens when Great Power and Great Responsibility meet the powers of Omnipotence? When The Spider is father to seven of the most powerful things in the universe and he is married to top it off. After the events of the Superior Spider-Man Incident, Peter is betrayed by many of his allies. com/MissedThePart?sub_confirmation=1 . Spider-Gwen and the Super Hero Girls by Epiclot214 reviews. His father and mother died when he was little. With his marriage with Wanda, the Scarlet Witch, he decides to show the world his true purpose. However, he lost his memories when he was brought by a lightning bolt from above but that won't stop him from being a hero. "How did this happen" thought the blond. Peter Parker and Bruce Wayne must deal with their own demons and the demons of their past as weird creatures begin to roam the streets of Gotham and a man who calls himself The Master Planner begins a targeted attack on the Wayne family. It wasn't as if this was the first time this happened; fighting criminals into the wee hours on a regular basis tended to cause a few headaches, both literally and emotionally, though the latter was usually quickly followed by the former if his infamous Parker Luck had anything to say about it; which. Takes place in haremverse or Universe 1832. Godly Spider-Man (Spider-Man reader Your Name is Y/n Parker, you are more powerful then one might think how you may ask, well you see when you, the avengers, the guardians and more were fighting …. What If Spider-Man Became A MURDERER? (Spider-Man 2002 FanFic). But hope is not lost and it comes in the form of a Spartan II Commando and his AI from another universe. First, he webbed him the brute’s eyes blinding him from his assault then mustering plenty of his greatly enhanced strength Parker clobbered the living snot out of Rhino by pummeling his face, punching his head repeatedly, and knocking him off balance till he found. He gets found by none other then Uchiha Itachi. Like vegito, kakarot will have a harem but he will obtain it in evil ways and have some villains along the way. The Chaotic Nature of Life Chapter 1: A Meeting with Death. 3) You can kill any character off just make sure they die with dignity. " Aunt May said with happiness in her voice. He is part of the minority, 20% of the population, who were mymarvelacademia. Can anyone recommend me any good Spider. During a Prison Riot an Inmate managed to escape. Inspired by The Incredible Muffin. During freshmen year he had even dated Mary Jane and things were looking up. 'Spider-Man betrays us, kill him!/We betrays Spider-Man, save us!' "How interesting. The reason for this story being made was because of a comment made in another story for Peter to have a harem of the X-ladies. His hatred for Arasaka is only driven him down this path. spidermandcmarvelpeterparkerbatmanwonderwomansupermancrossoveravengersyoungjusticeironmanflashdccomicsrobinsuperherofanfiction · Hot · New · super yea by . A series of oneshots pairing Spider-Man with different females from Marvel, DC and Games. Find it as Batman restarts at the Asylum. The main (non-OC) character of the last fanfic you worked on is now right in front of you and has just read the entire story. It will be a mix of each, making it even more interesting. Landing down across Spider-Man aims his web shooters to win the match when the school bell rang. Come in to read stories and fanfics that span multiple fandoms in the Spider-Man and Marvel universe. "The boys in blue with be coming for you soon. Kara Danvers is pregnant; the only problem is that a group villains decide to interrupt the last daughter of Krypton's special day by calling her out in the middle of he powergirl. Conquerors: Justice League Chapter 1: Introduction, a. As we speak Venom And Spider-Man were fighting throughout the streets New York, web-swung from building to building as the punched and kicked at each other or shooting blasts of webbing or trying to make the other crash into a building. Is Loki's plan the threat he is supposed to figh ironman. Leslie is Livewire, Pamela is Posion Ivy, Parry is the Elemental, Carol is Star Saphire, Doris is Giganta, and Selina is Catwoman. DC, a Naruto + Justice League. The Spider God of Apokolips Chapter 1, a Spider. It's one thing to enter the world of heroes and villains, it's another thing entirely to find your way back out again. This young woman is Barbara Gordon, daughter of Police Commissioner Gordon, high school senior at Gotham Academy, and a member of the Bat Family known as Batgirl. DISCLAIMER: I don't own anything from DC or Marvel, or Justice League or Ultimate Spider-Man either. But it looks like this Gwen will be staying around for some time. The little girl screamed, terrified. This so-called equation can be used to destroy the universe an remake it. Raiden has killed Shinnok, but this caus a boy with no friends or family finds a rock from space …. A world of heroes similar to his own, but endlessly different. King Peter get a new Queen and much more. Joined b This is a story of one of the many adventures of Eddie Brock and Venom. On a other note some characters will be genderbend as well as the spider verse thing happing before it is i #genderbender #harem #spiderman #ultimatespiderman. I’m looking for some good ones that are set in the Marvel or DC universe. Looking at the wreckage from the top of a building Spider-Man was sitting on top. Last Son of Arcane, has lived a life shrouded in secrets and power. Izuku Midoriya will be attending Metropolis High School in hopes of becoming a better hero and he won't be alone in this. Author has written 1 story for One Piece, and Young Justice. Drug cartels, illegal weapons, and. Disclaimer: Spider-Man is owned by Marvel. First, there's Shadows Joestar's Superhero Girls and Deku Academia, awsomerebel55's DC Superhero Girls: Plus Ultra, and Reaction Writer's DC Hero Academia. Part 1 of The Spider-Harem Stats: Published: 2021-11-05 Updated: 2022-01-12 Words: 7,270 Chapters: 5/? Comments: 21 Kudos: 236 Bookmarks: 54 Hits: 31,962. And have some lovely ladies fall for him to. Not only is he a hero but he is a famous music artist too. A world of adventure teeming with heroes and villains awaits. Friendly Neighborhood Spider. ) and I thought to myself "I should make a book on that!" And here we are (this story is discontinued and is being rewritten. A short oneshot drabble detailing a glimpse of the dating life of Spider-Man and Jewel with an attempt to tell the story with a Silver Age style. With a groan he sat up, and immediately grabbed his throbbing head with his left hand. /Spider-Man - Chapters: 3 - Words: 3,450 - Reviews: 15 - …. Naruto sends Sakura to the Justice League dimension and sealing all of the tailed beast into Sakura and the beasts agreed to help Sakura in any way. Friendly Foreign Dimensional Exchange Student Spiderman! A Third When the harem starts is when it becomes garbage. Seat #1: Peter Parker (de-aged into little kid), Mary Jane Watson, Gwen Stacy, Anya Corazon, Harry Osborn, and Miles Morales. Having dropped his old life, he opts to live a kinder life, now helping others. Capcom game was a portal to a combined world of both of these? Oh well, let's see what this will have for us!. My Life in Hell (Helluva Boss Female Harem x Human. Rated: Fiction M - English - Adventure/Angst. WARNING – Violence, Profanity & SMUT. It's not a power fantasy, harem, reincarnation novel. A Miraculous Webbing: Spiderman Male Reader x Miraculous Ladybug. Come and rediscover your favorite shows with fellow fans. This is after Spider-Man gets framed but Peter Parker …. Spider Romances Chapter 1: Black Canary, a X-overs + Spider-Man Crossover fanfic | FanFiction. Manhattan NY "OUTTA THE WAY PIGLETS. Three days before the breaking of the Avengers begins. Most of them are either old or abandoned. Fem Yautja harem x Male reader (The most dangerous man in world) Once there is a man who is most dangerous man in the world and people are afraid of him and they call him many names. Ben 10 meets DC Superhero Girls season 1 Chapter 45. to be the strongest one there is, to be the Hulk. Spider-Man loses two of his best friends on the same day and is captured by the most nefarious villains in the mighty Marvel Universe, and is taken into the DC Universe. SSM: Dc Moments Season one Chapter 6: Friend to the. Liz exclaimed as she and Harry tried to hold Flash off of Peter. And for a time, things appear to be on the upswing. Spider-Man and Marvel crossover fanfiction archive with over 78 stories. As of Chapter 84 Ben is still dipping his toes into the water when it comes to being Spider-Man. Jason Voorhees x DC (Harem)(18+) by Civil Warrior. Created by writer-editor Stan Lee and artist Steve Ditko, he first appeared in the anthology comic book Amazing Fantasy #15 (August 1962) …. Fearing getting mob lynched, Lily takes Harry into exile. Spider-man being abducted by Mojo and forced to star in a sort of new adult program he's starting up for the late-night viewers that involves lots of sex, double check. After that you could do anything that a. Who during a trip in New York abandoned him there, which he was then found and adopted by May and Ben Parker. In the bustling city of Mustafu, you never notice the underground crime. Any GOOD harem fics? : r/NarutoFanfiction. The new Hero of the leaf died in his sleep after the battle with Pain as no one expected the advisor of the Third Hokage, Danzo Shimura to ever kill their jinchuuriki. FanFiction | unleash Spider-man X Harem. Heroes of Earth 616 React To The Spider. And, for once, Spidey was winning. Sue had to admit, it is a little weird being around Gwen, especially since she isn't from this universe. Young Justice: Project X Chapter 3: Showdown on Santa. The true, ignored, hero of Marvel Universe. Peter spoke to Tony, "Excuse …. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw him stare at her unconvincingly, before turning to May and raising an eyebrow. The second is a less grounded sequel to Spider-man Ps4 where Mysterio is the main villain. He was Peter Parker but he was also Spider-Man. He is underestimated by the avengers, his friends, other superheroes and even by his daughter felicity parker. SPIDER-MAN NO WAY HOME COMPLETED : FEB 2022 Beautiful cover made by @vintagegrace. XD It's a fun and cute little series. Spider-Frame (Spider-man X Harem) Anime & Comics 9 Chapters 231. Though, when Rogue, Cyclops, Storm, Beast, Xavier, Jean, Jubilee, and Gambit are willing to help. Kim Possible - Rated: M - English - Chapters: 4 - Words: 8,198 - Reviews: 16 Spider-Man & DC Super Hero Girls - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 9,307 - Reviews: 9. Spider-Man: Twelve Wives Chapter 1: Two Ladies and a Ladies Man, a Spider-Man + Justice League Crossover fanfic | FanFiction By: Musikman50 The title is self explanatory. New friend Chapter 1, a Young Justice. Thank you wormverse community authors for all the great stories! Click here to provide feedback, suggestions, and bug reports. Peter started to slam into her, hitting her womb multiple times and she was screaming like a banshee. The Amazing Spider-Man (Movies - Webb) The Defenders (Comic) The Spectacular Spider-Man (Cartoon) X-Men (Original Timeline Movies) Mergers. Spider-man than launched himself into the air and began to make his way towards S. 'Find host, kill Spider-Man!/Find host, reclaim Spider-Man!' The Symbiote had an internal debate as it oozed through the pipes, following conflicting thoughts and plans to seek out some kind of host, any host at this point. This story, unlike many others, has a point to it. ter being cast out of Haven Nathaniel decides to live a peacefull life as Naruto Uzumaki. This story is base on Iron man movie but Spider-Man as his brother who …. Whenever you face Spider-Man, you never truly are. Founder: Musikman50 - Stories: 17 - Followers: 0 - id: 130495 The ladies just love Spider-Man. The Spider by I'mjusttryingtofindmyway. A plan that will require Wonder Woman to leave Earth and all she loves behind and marry his son Peter the Spider God of Apokolips. Only the villains knew what was happening. He yawned loudly and stretched his muscles for a moment. It's more of a general MCU OC fic, but Spider-Man is featured a lot in it due to being the OC's cousin (That said, there is at least half of the fic where he doesn't appear due to the action taking place in Sokovia). War World: Spider-man finds himself in a desolate New York City in the middle of a massive dessert on a Galaxy sized planet created by Doom after he absorbed the power of the Beyonders and used it to create a place populated by hundreds if not thousands of worlds from both the Marvel and DC multiverse. It's one of the reasons we wrote it like this. After all it wasn't fair for her either. HandAssassinSpider-man is a fanfiction author that has written 60 stories for Spider-Man, Avengers, Avengers, Batman, Spiderman arrives in a new universe. Anyone know any good Spider. Harem (Male Reader Spidey x Massive ">Spidey's Spectacular Harem (Male Reader Spidey x Massive. Though reluctant, Gwen decides to fight crime with them, return as Spider Woman. DC universe will the wall crawler will shack it up with the Bat family in Gotham. After everything in Peter's life went wrong since the events of . As far as inappropriate relationships go you've played it fairly safe most of your life, well that' chaos | peter parker. Batman Adventure Chronicles: The Bat and the She. The most recent chapters are about him getting accidentally sent to the spiderman far from home dimension and helps the MCU Peter with Mysterio and the author alluded to going into Spider-Man into the multiverse world, but with Sony pulling …. Answers to reviewers' questions or statements: Galabrax: Yes in a manner of speaking there will be a sort of Forever evil Spider-man. Odin sends them both to Earth, and they end up stranded in 1940's MCU, her without her Asgardian powers or magic. The Amazing Spider-Man Reborn By: Shawna1999. Spider Romances Chapter 1: Black Canary, a X. Chapter 28: Another win for spider-kid, another fail for (Y/n) Tue, Mar 1, 2022. net updates are not working due to new bot restrictions they implemented. FanFiction">The Prologue to The Spider & The Amazon Chapter. All For One and Spiders For All By: TickBeard. As for the art style for the villains, they'll be similar the ones included in the spider man ps4 video game, though the first shocker suit will be the old style cartoon/comic one. Spider-Man: The Animated Series (Cartoon 1994) (1) Naruto/Harem. Of note, however, is this may be a PeterxNatahsa Prequel fanfiction. As far as inappropriate relationships go you've played it fairly safe most of your life, well that' Trinket (Reverse Harem) 143 parts. Diana Prince came to the Watchtower to get her mind off things only to be more or less being drawn into a rather heated affair with Spider-man along with five other women who he now has to somehow juggle keeping six of them pleased and his duties as Spider-man while dealing with several jealous suitors of the six women he's with and a few ex-girlfriendsleast Jameson isn't around. The blinker catches him and he falls in front of a cabin with two little girls. Alternate Universe - Harem; Summary. Noir (MHA Fanfic) by TheSleepiNyx. The Avenger Class Servant (A Fate by Mythmaker258. "Silence, I have no time to talk with the likes of a boy. Hubo Lascivia, hubo Lujuria y ahora todo se define en medio de un ardiente deseo. *A spectaculer Spiderman post season 2 Fanfic* The pairing will be Spider-man x Harem with lemons later in the story. D Agent Maria Hill, the person in charge now that Fury had disappeared, Peter wasn't sure whether or not that was a good thing. Fanfiction archives under section: Movies. Yet their family will also began to grow bigger as Peter discovered his past lives from Ancient Greece that make even the beautiful goddess fall for the Spider-Man. His Mother Mary Jane Watson-Parker is an Actress/Waitress at a Watch and Dine place she main #dc …. (And happens to know everyone’s secrets and how they truly feel. And t As a child, Theia was found nearly dead outside an enclave, covered in mysterious wounds and with n. The 2 superheroes were best of friends, yet neither of them knowing the other's true identity. His eye slid open as the alarm clock sounded its dull and mechanical buzzing noise. For several decades Peter has been a legendary assassin who fought and killed known as The Spider-man and has seen and done things that would leave most broken. Rated: Fiction M - English - Family/Romance - [Bruce W. A Web of Wonderous Meetings By: HandAssassinSpider-man. Reading : Spiderman Love of Amazons Fanfiction. SI-OC Stripped of his former life, Daniel Evans finds himself in an unfamiliar and unfriendly new world. By revisiting this storyline, and …. To where a proper story can take place. Mathias gabriel dracula is an avid fanfiction reader and an active particpant in the world of fandom. Spider-Man DC Superheroes & Spider-Man - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 1 - …. Spoilers to Venom (2018) After Eddie Brock loses his job and fiancé, he moves into a cheap apartment, depressed, alone, and consistently unemployed. /Catwoman] - Chapters Who is a seductive blonde in the DC universeOr maybe I can just be Poison Ivy. The heir of the Black family (Male reader x Multi/Harem). s any work i use is not mine please give credit to those who made it. When an explosion on the Helicarrier renders Spider-Man in a coma, he wakes up one year later to discover he has new powers at the tip of his fingertips. (What you can't tell me you don't see her into Dom) But a submissive to. Also, Spider-man lets lots of people fight his enemies mainly because he knows the person fighting can hold their own, he'd do the same thing if it was Captain America, Black Widow, or even Daredevil saying. Part 5 of Spider-Man One Shots. "Sorry about this ma'am, but I've gotta run! Stay out of trouble! And make sure to call the cops and have them come and arrest that guy!" Reaching the end of the alley seconds later, Peter leaped into the air and fired out a line of webbing. your powers are shit!" - in which you are the reincarnation of the greek god of fire and an excellent blacksmith, hephaestu dcuniverse. Harem List: Poison Ivy/Pamela Isley. Spidey's Harem By: West Mountai. Y/N is a regular 17-year old boy who goes to high-school and hangs out with friends, life is pretty normal for him until he gets a bullet in the left side of his brain. Henchmen- A faithful follower or political supporter, especially one prepared to engage in crime or dishonest practices by way of service. Spider Man In Dc Fanfiction Stories. The End of the World: Superhero Male Reader x Marvel Zombies. As a result, when one of the politicians funding Cadmus under the table sends out a call for an escort that can also double as a bodyguard, he gets the best of the best. The Potter who become a Spider | MCU x HP. PeterXGwen,MJ,Felicia, Kitty,Natasha,X-23,Emma Frost. Just your average girl, who somehow gets a psychic boy to fall in love with her. After a few minutes she managed to envelop over 14 inches of his massive pee pee with 8 of that being deep throated. Net, Danny Phantom, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Teen Titans, Fullmetal Alchemist, The Incredibles, Maybe the DC Universe as well. Ayden, the 17-year-old boy who lost his family in a tragic safari accident and was taken in by Mufasa and Sarabi, has come a long way from those days. Spider-Man & The X-Men: Dreams & Nightmares by Sonicfan32567 reviews. Adventure of Spider-Man & Jewel by cornholio4 reviews. Disclaimer: I don't own any Marvel or DC characters seen, mentioned or used. Cosmic Spider Chapter 1: Prologue, an avengers fanfic. He stared at the two lines telling him that yes, he was pregnant. I don't think so Arachnid", the elderly man said. Almost as if immediately, a powerful burst of wind blow through the room and several figures appeared in front of her. The Last Prayer is definitely amazing. Experimented on as a child, he was freed by the Creator. Peter Parker's Field Trip to Stark Industries. Koriand'r (DCU)/Peter Parker. Story: Spider-Man: The Great Responsibility is an epic fanfiction that follows Peter Parker’s journey as a web-slinger. Bane had almost ended Batman's days as. And no FLAMES! I do not own Naruto or DC in anyway. Harem story, mixed with Amazing Spider-Man, Ultimate Marvel, and Spider-Man web warrio Spider-Man uses the infinity gauntlet to make his lovers into bimbos. It's more visible on AO3 than on FF, but I'm often amazed by the sheer number of Harems fics, and how popular they are, with the exceptions of some rare gems, it's almost as if the most popular fics are only harems. Scott the Wanderer: Yes Scott, I agree, it DOES take a long LONG time to master a. May gave the poor man, a 'subtle' nod of reassurance, and the doctor finally left. King and Lionheart by Stratagem. " said Naruto without leaving his meditative position. Does anyone have any good Spider. (Image created by PokemonPokemonLiceu on DeviantArt. DC and Marvel crossovers are constantly ruined by harems. Fem Yautja harem x Male reader (The most dangerous man in …. A/N: Hey everyone, this is going to be a Venom crossover with Justice League because, hey, there are so few featuring our Lethal Protector. Peter's life gets complicated as new dangerous enemies rise, relationship troubles begin, and difficult decisions have to be made. In a world filled with superpowered beings, heroes and villains, mild mannered Izuku Midoriya was born without any superpowers of his own. Brand New Day Chapter 1: Along Came a Ninja?, a Spider. It affects how he relates to his Aunt May, his teachers at school, him reaching out to try for jobs to help make ends meet, and even helping out around the house. FanFiction | unleash Naruto finds himself in the DC universe, where a virus has killed every man on the planet, well except him of course. Among the captives was none other than one of Batman's most dangerous enemies, the name called Bane. A Dash of Black: Harem of Symbiotes. Read popular spiderman cartoon Fanfiction book in Webnovel. ' Spider-Man's eyes blinked open under his mask. It's also a harem! Which will have the following girls; Bulma, Fem Vegeta (She will still be named Vegeta), Android 18, Hinata. Spiderman is now the undisputed King of the Symbiotes, with Black Cat as his queen. You can find popular crossover fanfic book like harry potter(hp), mha, bts fanfiction and anime fanfic! who committed suicide due to his tragic life gets a second chance in the body of everyone’s favorite neighborhood Spider-Man. This is the place for super powered Naruto harems or both of them together. It starts out as a Black cat pairing but ends up involving a. after superior spider man peter expelled and rejected from everyone of his friends. Idea by kival737101 2001 series. For Great Justice 'Superman and Green Lantern have apprehended Sinestro, Wonder Woman's dealt with Metallo, and Clayface is back in Arkham. "You saved me?" Black Cat asks. For Great Justice Chapter 1, a Justice League. These stories are about the Web-Head getting with more than one woman. Izuku Midoriya was walking home by herself, but then she got kidnapped by someone and woke up with a little girl. Read and Review as always, and be sure to look forward to this story in the. I will be using nearly EVERYTHING of the Spider-man franchise. Watch as this hero deals with the death of his Aunt May, conquer worlds and women, how he will remake the world into better, brighter, and. I am open to ideas for plots of Spidey X DC Harem stories with Diana in them. She-Venom Chapter 1: Field Trip (Update), a spider-man fanfic | FanFiction. My Uncle is Bruce Wayne by Gentrix. Spider-Man's DC life Chapter 8: Another Day, a Spider-Man + Justice League Crossover fanfic | FanFiction. Witness the rise of Spider-Man, King of. ''Sir, the power is down, you think its…?''. She even got an apartment and a spot on the Avengers team. That's a bitter truth to swallow when you want no part of the life to begin with. Part 1 of Spider-Man: Harem King; Language: English Words: 32,984 Chapters: 12/100 Comments: 10 Kudos: 131 Bookmarks: 52 Hits: 17,981. Just imagine it as… What if Marvel and DC took place in Ancient Greece, or whatever the time was when Gods existed. This is a male reader x The Seven Deadly Sins Harem fanfiction. After being sent by Alaya and Gaia, counter guardian Shirou Emiya finds himself in the superhero world of the Avengers. Miles was actually someone he was very glad to have gotten to know, even before him getting spider-powers. The Arachnid of DC, a Naruto + Justice League. A man covered in bandages muttered in a cold tone as he plunged a kunai enhanced with wind chakra into Naruto's neck and heart, destroying both body parts. FanFiction Realm - A newly opened forum archive of fanfiction. As of a result the bill is being pushed to be passed as quickly as …. This is a smutty Spider-Man and X-Men crossover so obviously lemons included. NOT MCU This is the story of Eren Parker, the boy who became Spider-Man and saved the world from mass destruction using his spider powers and his speedy ability known as Godspeed (Think similar to Killua or the Flash). It's an Into the Spiderverse crossed over with Edge of Time. Didn't really like that movie honestly. While hashing out the details of his internship and his job as Spider-Man, a tear in reality appears in Stark Tower’s newly renovated sitting room. 12 Next → The Weaver by shadeking666 Spider-Man - All Media Types, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Marvel, X-Men - All Media Types, Fantastic Four Mature Underage Multi Work in Progress 14 Oct 2023 Underage Peter Parker/Multi Emma Frost/Peter Parker Peter Parker/Gwen Stacy Peter Parker/Susan Storm Peter Parker Emma Frost May Parker (Spider-Man). A series of oneshots and Drabbles pairing Spider-Man with heroes and villains from DC and or Marvel. A-Z Mark II (or as he was erstwhile known, Alpha Zulu) is a rather old fanfic writer, beginning his career around 2004 far as I can tell - and is still active to this day - that has written a fair number of harem fanfics for a variety of anime (Love Hina, Ai Yori Aoshi, Last Exile, Full Metal Panic, Evangelion, RahXephon, Rune Soldier Louie to. His journey will take him across many different realities and have him face down threats he's never encountered before and have him pushed to his. Large curves – Futa have boobs and butts larger than the average woman. Spidey X Harley X Wonder Woman, a DC Superheroes. Members of the harem: Diana, Kara, Zee, Jessica, Karen, Barbra, Natsu, Barbi, Galatea(Clone. OC's of The Justice League. Now this man is out to ruin Luthor and bring true Justice to the world. A month after the fight with Vulture, Peter Parker is getting ready to become an actual intern at Stark Industries. Expect a red hair Naruto with a Harem of Six and they have been chosen. Main character - he kills the ones, that, as he think, deserves death Drug dealers, for example But even with life like that, he eventually was killed on one of his missions, that his Boss gave him After appearing in Hell, he there meets lots of new friends, enemies Read to find out more All rights belong to Vivziepop. Spider-Man's physical strength also extends into his legs, enabling him to be able to jump to a height of several stories in a single bound. just read #dccomics #harem #malereader #marvel. What kind of adventures await Sakura. Read Harem Fanfiction Stories. A group of new young heroes are put together with three other teens with abilities. Harem Chapter 1, a batman fanfic. Like a discus, the cap hit the man in the back, knocking him unconscious instantly. He was a menace to some, but a hero to many. The bank robber's head snapped to the side, the tension leaving his body as he dropped like a sack of potatoes. The only one who didn't was a 7 year old blond boy called Naruto Uzumaki, seeing as he'd just failed his first exam at the ninja academy and because of this he was depress, "Stupid teachers, they don't know nothing about teaching, hell, they won't even teach me!" He couldn't help but mumble to himself. Gwen and Anya want to make it up to Peter but are saddened that he hates them for not …. Rated: T - English - Horror/Adventure - Chapters: 1 - Words: 569. Disclaimer: Spiderman and all associated characters are owned by Marvel, Stan Lee and Disney.